True Refuge Art Therapy

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""Disasters catapult people into experiences beyond ordinary reality. Although there are many ways to initiate a heroic journey, the call to adventure usually comes unexpectedly." --Gita Morena, The Wisdom of Oz

My Approach to Helping
Therapy is a call to adventure and self-exploration. I offer a non-judgmental and supportive healing environment where clients of all ages may process difficult feelings and get to know themselves more fully through art; sandplay, and conversation. I will ask clarifying and amplifying questions to promote the integration of shadow, which brings with it revitalized possibilities for being in balance within oneself and the world.
My Personal Beliefs and Interests
I hold a Master's degree in Art Therapy/Counseling. I specialize in mindfulness-based Art Therapy and Jungian Sandplay for individual children, adolescents, and adults. I work with clients facing a variety of issues, including: anxiety; grief and loss; the search for meaning in mid-life; spiritual concerns; life transitions; depression; and intergenerational trauma."

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