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Veterans for Human Rights is a 501(c)19 non profit group focusing on GLBT Veterans issues
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"US Department of Veterans Affairs Public Health Website
Comprehensive first stop for military Veterans looking for information about medical treatments for topics such as Military Exposures, Diseases & Exposures, Health & Wellness, Studies & Data, Patient Treatment and Employee Health.

Responding to recommendations from the Governor"s Task Force on Veterans" Services, the Oregon Legislature created a Veterans" Reintegration Task Force to further examine reintegration issues and services and provide new recommendations to the 2011 Legislature.

Michael "Mickey" Serice, MS, LPC and LMFT (Texas), Director
Legislative and Client Relations Office
Department of Human Services
500 Summer St. NE, E-62
Salem, OR 97301

Active Duty Service Members Facing Deadlines from State Agency Hearings or Contested Case Notices
Active duty service members may have a right to delay these proceedings (hearings or contested case notices) under the Service members Civil Relief Act. For information on this right, please contact the state agency sending the notice, the Oregon State Bar at 800-452-8260, the Oregon Military Department at 800-452-7500, or the nearest legal assistance office,

Service members who miss a contested case deadline because of active duty may also be able to obtain a hearing to challenge the state agency action once they return. If you believe you missed an earlier deadline from the Department of Human Services or the Oregon Health Authority because of previous active duty in military service, you can submit a new hearing request and your rights under federal law will be honored.

The Oregon Department of Veteran"s Affairs has published a 40-page comprehensive benefit magazine containing state and federal veteran benefits information including: the disability claims process; contact information for veterans services offices; how to access health care; veteran transportation; veteran trauma education; long term care options; dependent and survivor benefits; burial benefits; education options; home loan information; taxation deferral and exemptions; employment resources and preferences; auto adaptive and clothing allowances; IDs, DMV license plates; medals and records; homelessness resources, veterans court"s information and recreation benefits and memorials.
You can obtain other information regarding veteran's benefits at:

Information about adding "VETERAN" to your OR state drivers lisc. and other OR state ID's:"

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