Vibrational Sound Therapy

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"This is a very gentle therapy that can have powerful effects on your state of being. Your body is highly intelligent and self-healing, and the optimal condition for these capacities is deep relaxation. Mental and emotional stress floods your body with stress hormones that over time can cause extensive damage to nearly every system in the body. Vibrational sound therapy is an excellent way to optimize healing, reverse the impact of chronic stress, and promote emotional and spiritual wellness through enabling your own care and resonance with yourself. It is wonderful when used in tandem with all forms of psychotherapy, psychedelic therapy preparation / integration work, massage and acupuncture.When you take the time to love and care for yourself, your body, mind and spirit respond in gratitude, health and vibrancy. Vibrational sound therapy wakes up and moves a lot of energy in your body. On the day of your session, please make sure to drink lots of water, refrain from drinking alcohol, drive carefully after your session, rest and be gentle with yourself."

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