We All experience painful emotions.

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Are you feeling stuck, lost, numb or hurt?
Reach your potential, feel more whole, alive & at peace with yourself through this loving work. You are so brave!
Quoted From: https://www.moondancewellness.com/emotional-healing


Whether we struggle from trauma, depression, emotional blocks, numbness, shame, anxiety, apathy, fear, limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, simply feeling lost & as though we have not come into alignment with ourselves or our true potential. Unfortunately we live in a day & age where we were taught little to nothing about our emotions and how to understand them. Instead, we focus on the positive emotions and either "cope with", "suppress", "deny" or keep "running away" from the painful emotionsOr our painful emotions turn into enemies, monsters that we cannot escape from. These coping mechanisms eventually begin to work against us and cause unhealthy patterns in our thoughts, relationships and life.

Despite our efforts to escape our discomfort, we cannot "get rid" of these emotions.

They are a part of us.

And they are an important key to understanding and healing ourselves."

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