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Quoted From: https://www.livingartsayurveda.com/blog/2022/7/19/weaving-through-life-from-postpartum-care-to-menopause

"As a reflect on that time as a menopausal person, I can see the places that left vulnerability in my system. I am doing more of that repair now, re-tracing the early steps in an effort to fill the cracks with gold leaf. I see where some of the support and care I could have used back then would have benefitted the person I am now, some 25 years later. And that the care I am receiving now is similar to the care I give to the postpartum person. I see and feel the connections that I have since learned through studying Ayurveda and my own experiences as a reminder of how important these time periods are, not only for rest but also for direct care. Calling on the allyship of food, herbs, oils, steam, considerate care, presence and experience, the tools of Ayurveda and wise natural health to help the me then through the postpartum person now (time is never linear). It"s extraordinarily healing and observing the shift and change that happens along the way makes me drop to my knees in love and reverence. This kind of care is not too common here in the West. In many cultures around the world and especially in postpartum care, this type of support is often given directly through the household and the community that steps in to hold and buoy such a monumental time of life. But often in this culture we don"t have this structure in place. Little parental leave or time for recovery. Often with luck and privilege, we may get as far as meal trains and lactation specialist, light house keeping and good listening. Please do not get me wrong, these pillars of support are absolute necessity in recovery and are impactful in immeasurable ways AND where is the direct care and support for the recovery of the flight through this portal that brings a child back with us on the other side? All of it is important and I hope to continue work with the birthing person to help them navigate the huge changes forward after such an epic journey. I do this in standing with all the good folks who also come to talk about the very real and sincere life change that menopause brings. The weaving of life through these two sacred and holy windows feels dear."

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