Weed and Yoga, Maybe Not?

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Quoted From: https://www.portlandtherapycenter.com/blog/weed-and-yoga-maybe-not

"Contrary to popular myth, weed is not the magical doorway to higher consciousness that many hope for. I understand it"s possible you didn"t want to hear that, especially if you live in my town of Portland, Oregon. Cannabis was legalized here in 2015 and it has since become a Cinderella industry. Also, I"m also not opposed to weed. I"m simply making a case for yogis who are serious in their practice to give thought about why and how they recreationally use marijuana.

There are many reasons for developing a yoga practice, spiritual growth is just one of them. How yoga can assist us spiritually depends greatly on which path we are following. Not everyone"s spiritual practice is affected in the same way through yoga, though everyone can benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from yoga.

Marijuana has specific, adverse effects on your aura and soul that affects spiritual development. You likely won"t hear about these insights, because the people speaking on the subject, whether in favor or against, lack intel on what happens to your energy field when you put weed in your body.

Marijuana messes with the body/mind connection. It creates a dissociated state that interferes with spiritual growth and well-being.

The essential problem with cannabis is that it creates a split between body and soul. This is something that can be detected with subtle sensing. Those unfamiliar with this type of sensing may be quick to dismiss it as whack-a-doodle nonsense. But folks had a hard time believing the world was round at one time, too. Stay with me."

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