What can Applied Kinesiology do for you?

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"Migraine headaches often present with intense throbbing or pulsing on the sides of the head, nausea or vomiting and sensitivity to light or sound. They are a very common type of headache affecting 3 million people annually in the US. They can last for hours or even days and can be debilitating and completely interfere with daily life. In addition, many migraine sufferers take pharmaceutical medications to relieve symptoms and these only work about half the time. These medications come with their own set of risks as well including strokes and heart attacks. Chiropractic medicine can play a major role in reliving migraine suffering.
Migraine Headache Causes
In my practice, some of the causes of migraine that I have discovered play a role in this diagnosis include:
Cervical or cranial misalignments and subluxations
Neck muscle inhibition and imbalances
TMJ disorder
Liver toxicity
Menstrual migraine and estrogen dominance
Food allergies
Nutritional deficiencies
Most migraine sufferers will present with a combination of these factors. By using Applied Kinesiology, we can work together to find the root cause of your migraine headaches, exploring the list of causes mentioned above, plus the emotional component that typically plays a role in injuries or pain. By addressing the entire triad of health, we will explore holistically the structural, biochemical and emotional causes underlying a migraine headache. By covering all the bases, a dramatic shift in frequency and intensity of headaches will typically be noticeable in several treatments.
Another subset of migraine headache is Menstrual Migraine, which should briefly be mentioned. If you are suffering from a cyclical monthly migraine surrounding your menstrual cycle, this will typically involve more of the biochemistry side of the triangle. In addition to addressing the other factors listed above, we will explore in depth through muscle testing estrogen and progesterone and the liver not clearing the endocrine hormones in a timely manner. By giving special supplements to assist with this as well as a diet change, we would typically expect symptoms to improve within one cycle.
Migraine Headache Treatments
In order to offer migraine sufferers an alternative to medications, the main tools and techniques that will be used include:
Cervical and thoracic adjusting using Applied Kinesiology for adjustments that are gentle and vector specific
Correcting muscle imbalances and inhibition in the neck- muscle inhibition in the neck is correlated to migraine headache
Checking organ visceral reflex points and correcting any circuits that are imbalanced
Customized nutritional supplements to help the biochemistry
Recommended removal of specific food allergens or detoxing
Red and infrared light therapy to help with inflammation of neck and head structures and cranial nerve weaknesses
Lab work can be ordered if needed for food allergies and hormonal imbalance as causative factors of migraine
What can Applied Kinesiology do for you?
With migraine headache affecting so many people yearly, especially women, trying chiropractic care with Applied Kinesiology will offer tools to treat your headaches that cover all the bases of the Triad of Health drug free. In addition, treatments are tailored to your individual needs and preference including gentle chiropractic care when needed."

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