What Can I Expect from Online Psychiatry Services?

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"Your first session with one of our caring professionals may include a variety of assessments, including tests, quizzes, and other tools. They use the information from these evaluations as a guide to diagnosing a mental disorder. Your doctor will not simply offer an opinion on your mental health but instead use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder as their diagnostic criteria.
Your MindRx Group psychiatric provider can offer a variety of treatments, including:
Psychotherapy (talk therapy)
Psychosocial interventions
Psychopharmacological interventions
Holistic suggestions and more...
If you have been previously diagnosed with a mental health disorder such as clinical depression, bipolar disorder, or personality disorder, or you suspect you have a mental health disorder, the mental health services provided by one of our psychiatric providers can help you get your life back on track.
Is Online Psychiatry Right For Me?
Talk therapy is a useful tool to improve your mental health, but it does not always provide the help a client may need to manage severe mental health disorders. The thought of seeing a psychiatric provider can seem to be more daunting than seeing a therapist, but it need not be. Think of it as the difference between seeing your general doctor and seeing an orthopedic specialist. Both are well-trained professionals in the field of medicine, but they have different skill sets and abilities.
Some of the most common reasons people seek psychiatric services include:
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Suicidal/homicidal ideation
Panic attacks
Eating disorders and many more..."

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