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"Asperger's Syndrome is autistic spectrum disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction, motor delays, adherence to routines, average to above-average intelligence, and preoccupation with a particular subject of interest. learn more "

Online Community
This is a moderated Internet chat group comprised of parents from around Oregon and SW Washington.
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Game Club
A monthly event where Aspergers kids, ages 5 to 18, can be themselves while engaging in activities they love. They eat great snacks, play video games and board games and trade Pokemon cards all night long. Meets monthly.
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Teen Club
Twice monthly activities for teens 13 and older are held at various locations: LaserTag, rock wall climbing, movies, LAN Parties, and a chance to meet others in an accepting environment.
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Parent Support Group Meetings
Meetings are a chance for informal interactions between parents, who share information and experiences. Meetings are 4 times a year (Jan, Apr, July, Oct).
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Resource Directory
We host this helpful guide created and maintained independently by one of our members. It includes support groups, social skills groups, workshops, events, doctors, summer camps, books, web sites and more."

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