What is Deep Tissue Massage and Do I Need it Now?

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"What exactly is Deep Tissue massage, and how can it get you out of pain?
Deep tissue massage is a combination of techniques your massage therapist uses. Usually, these methods use slower, firmer strokes focused on the deeper muscle and fascia layers. This approach goes to the source of your aches and pains to help you feel better fast.Skillful deep tissue massage can significantly improve a variety of common painful areas quite quickly, from head to toe.
For example, deep tissue can help:
Stiff, painful neck and shoulders, often from long hours at the computer or driving
Low back pain from bending over, lifting heavy boxes, shoveling gravel, etc.
Sore legs following a long hike or bike ride
Shoulder pain and stiffness after painting your kitchen or playing weekend sports.
Whatever activity brings on your pain, the process is usually the same: you perform certain movements or sit in fixed positions for long periods. This causes certain areas of our body to become tight, tense, and painful.
Deep Tissue Massage gets you out of pain by softening your tense, tight fascia, and shortened muscles.
As we go about our day, working, playing, and hopefully exercising, the muscles we are using slowly get tighter, making them shorter.

Or, the opposite happens; we sit for hours staring at a screen and becoming tense, which cancels out the body"s main tool to heal itself: movement.

BOTH of these things activity or lack of activity plus our usual quota of stress can cause our muscles to get tight and painful.

This uncomfortable feeling can increase as the same shortened tissues restrict our proper joint alignments and compress our joints together. At this point, we begin to have joint pain in addition to muscle pain."

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