What is Esketamine ?

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Esketamine (SPRAVATO(R)) can provide quick relief for treatment-resistant depression. Learn more about this treatment here.
Quoted From: https://www.bestmindbh.com/services/esketamine/

"SPRAVATO is an FDA-approved nasal spray medication that provides fast, temporary relief from depression symptoms during the time it takes for prescribed depression medication to take effect. SPRAVATO can be used to treat treatment-resistant depression (TRD). It works differently from traditional antidepressants and can complement their effects.If your antidepressant medication isn"t providing the relief you need, SPRAVATO therapy may be right for you.SPRAVATO is an outpatient treatment that is covered by most insurances and performed in one of our licensed medical facilities.

Treatment typically takes place over a two-to-three month period. The first doses are administered twice per week and then less frequently throughout the treatment period. Following treatment, some patients experience feelings of dissociation or sedation.

Due to the after-affects of this medication, patients require in-office monitoring for up to two hours following treatment and should avoid driving a car and operating machinery until the following day."

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