What is Independent Living?

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"Have you ever engaged in conversation with an older adult living alone at home who has expressed or shown loneliness? How about one who has shared that tasks like yard maintenance, repairs, or driving are becoming daunting? Or one who yearns to do more activities? Each of these seniors would be well-suited for exploring Independent Living within a senior living community.

Independent Living aims to ease the daily stress and frustration that can come from trying to maintain the home, and meets seniors' needs for comfort, security, socialization, relaxation, and fun. After all, shouldn't the golden years be as golden as possible?

Care-Free Retirement: A Closer Look at the Independent Living Experience
While not all senior living communities are the same, those with Independent Living generally provide older adults seeking a relaxed, independent lifestyle the opportunity to remain active and enjoy life in a senior-focused setting.

At home at a senior living community, seniors typically may choose the responsibilities they wish to handle, such as driving to an appointment, cooking in their kitchen, or doing their own laundry, but they don't have to do those things! They may take advantage of services such as housekeeping, dining, laundering, trash removal, and transportation to appointments and shopping. Some Independent Living communities also offer residents peace of mind knowing that a dedicated staff is nearby 24/7.

Seniors living in an Independent Living community also have the opportunity to engage in nearby social groups, activities, and entertainment. One can be as involved as they choose in the activities at the community. Independent Living is truly a lifestyle of choice."

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