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Were you or a loved one diagnosed with cancer? Searching for answers? Urban Wellness Group can help. Call 503.445.9771 today to schedule your appointment.
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Three short words changed your life forever, "you have cancer." Shock and disbelief carried you through those first few unbelievable days or weeks. No doubt, you started spending long hours searching the internet for treatments. Well intentioned family and friends sent you intriguing cancer therapies. Medical doctors encouraged chemotherapy and radiation as first line options. Soon after you may have started feeling confused and overwhelmed with time sensitive therapy decisions.

What you need right now is experienced guidance. Someone to help you understand therapies beyond or in concert with traditional oncology. That is exactly what you"ll find at Urban Wellness Group. We will guide you through seasoned and leading edge natural treatment options. We"ll present you with therapy pros and cons based on your unique case, and we"ll listen to your thoughts, concerns and goals.

We have a deep understanding of what you and your family are going through. Every member of our team has personally been touched by cancer in some way, and our hearts reach out to yours. Helping you restore your health is our top priority.

The focus of naturopathic oncology is to utilize supportive therapies that reduce side effects, help optimize conventional care and prevent recurrence. Therapeutic care is non-invasive with minimal, if any, side effects. Therapies available at Urban Wellness Group include nutrition and lifestyle counseling, botanical medicine, IV therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, acupuncture, bio-available supplement guidance, and physical medicine.

Most importantly, we support your choice of treatment. We integrate well with conventional oncologists and have the utmost respect for their difficult job. Combining naturopathic and conventional medicine has produced profound outcomes for our patients. We will collaborate closely with you to offer safe, evidence-informed therapeutic choices. It"s an honor to work with you."

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