What is Moxa?

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"The English term moxa is adapted from the Japanese word mogusa, meaning "burning herbs". Moxa comes in a variety of forms, and the therapeutic methods with which it is applied are similarly diverse. All forms of moxa are derived from the Artemisia plant, a common herb in the East and West with both internal and topical medicinal properties.
One major differentiation in types of moxibustion is direct versus indirect. Indirect moxibustion involves the burning of the herb directly upon the skin, typically with salve as a protective barrier. Other barriers are sometimes used, such as salt, ginger or aconite, a primary herb in certain schools of Chinese herbalism. The dried spongy "wool" from the underside of the mugwort leaf is used in a minimally-processed state for direct moxibustion. The practitioner forms the wool by hand into pieces varying in size, from as a small as a piece of thread, to a sesame seed, to a rice grain, up to a thumb-sized cone or larger, depending on the desired therapeutic effect. The moxa is lit with an incense stick and removed before the ember reaches the skin. Several pieces are burned in succession until the desired warming effect on the point beneath has been obtained.
Indirect moxibustion most typically uses moxa that has been formed into a stick, similar in appearance to a cigar. The moxa stick is hovered about an inch above the skin, again until the desired warming effect has been obtained at the point. This form of moxibustion requires less technical skill to safely administer, and so can even be self-administered by patients at home between treatments with proper instruction from the practitioner."

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