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"Whatever works, is my opinion. This is very subjective, I know. The idea begs me to question: What is medicine? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary there are four definitions. They are as follows:
1. "a substance or preparation used in treating disease"
2. "the science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or
cure of disease"
3. "a substance (as a drug or potion) used to treat something other than disease"
4. "an object held in traditional American Indian belief to give control over natural or magical
forces; also : magical power or a magical rite"
Although these are useful, it doesn"t quite capture the essence of what my experience of medicine has been. I define medicine as, "Any therapy used to promote or induce a healing response in the body be it physical, psychological, or emotional in nature that enhances or improves the well-being and balance of the life experience."
The body knows how to heal itself. It just forgets sometimes. It"s like getting detoured and then getting lost, forgetting how to get back on the path. Medicine just reminds the body how to be healthy. It triggers its own innate ability to heal and maintain homeostasis. If medicine alone healed the body, then we would all be taking the same prescriptions for the same things.
Take for example allergies. Under the belief that medicine heals Benadryl would work for all allergies all the time. However, that"s not the case. Some of us respond to Benadryl while others just get groggy while still being symptomatic. For those who don"t respond to Benadyl steroid based drugs work for them, like Flonase. This can be said true for anti-inflammatory meds, birth control pills, etc. If medicine healed then we would all take the same remedy for the same issues. However, that is just not the case. We are unique individuals and our bodies, though they run on the same basic premise, all have their unique quirks. That"s why some people are sensitive to things that others are not even phased by, or some people run warmer than others, or some have different metabolisms. We are all unique and so is the system that maintains our level of health. Thus, it is stimulated by different medicine in different ways. So, it"s safe to argue then that medicine doesn"t heal, our body heals itself and it is stimulated or triggered into a healing response when we introduce a medicinal therapy. Which method is the best medicine? Whichever one induces the most appropriate and desired response by you.
Energy Healing may be the Alternative Therapy that you have been looking for. It works directly with your body"s natural healing mechanism. There is no digestion, or filtering system, dosage management, or "waste" elimination. It is a direct communication with your body to stimulate the most helpful and healing response at that time. There is no need for worry or concern with side effects, complications, or effectiveness for even the most subtle energy shift as it is customized and suited for you and your body. The most important thing to do when you experience energy healing is to drink lots of water after to help facilitate the greatest possible affect. Water is a known conduit of energy. The more hydrated you are, the more easily the energy flows and the more effective the treatment allowing for a harmonious shift in wellness."

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