What is Yoga Therapy?

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Quoted From: https://emilylightyoga.com/yoga-therapy

"When life throws you curveballs, yoga"s here to help. Whether that curveball is an achy hip or pelvic pain, a prolonged period of stress (2020 anyone?), or your sleep got off track, Yoga Therapy offers a personalized approach to support your unique needs.

Yoga Therapy is a holistic system of wellness. Drawing from ancient practices combined with our modern understanding of science, Yoga Therapy includes postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness tools and meditation, practical application of yoga philosophy, and Ayurveda, to foster healing and growth.

In both moments of stress - when there"s an injury or a spike in anxiety, and in moments of rest when you have the space to build better balance or strength, this customized, therapeutic guidance will help you thrive in your life."

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