What's a spirit attachment and do I have one?

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Spirit attachments/entities are basically lost souls that haven"t transitioned after death and are craving/needing human energy to keep being "alive and human." These energies usually aren't intentionally harmful but likely have unfinished business to tend to on earth still and need your energy to do so. Sometimes entities enter human bodies because they didn't know where to go since their death was sudden or tragic. These are a few ways I personally identify if myself of someone else has one:

It feels like someone is opening the door to my aura without my permission/being watched Negative, violent or harmful dreams start occurring.You're being sent signs or synchronicities about needing protection. For example you keep reading posts about psychic protection, you see Archangel Michael or other protectors in books, online, etc. Someone "randomly" sent me a photo of my body protector guidie, the octopus right before bed the night I felt a spirit attachment on me. Someone sent me a picture of the octopus right before I went into the house I got the attachment at but I ignored that invitation to protect myself(I was in a rush-oops) It happens.Spirit attachments can be released through depossession techniques on your own or with a skilled practitioner. I do them for myself and for heavier attachments I have attracted, I go to my shaman for help."

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