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"Do you ever feel like you stretch constantly, and yet your aches, pains, and knots keep coming back? Or even get worse? If so, you"re not alone. As a massage therapist who performs bodywork, I hear this story from people all the time. In this article, I want to share my perspective on why stretching doesn"t work for everyone and offer more effective approaches. I hope this helps you expand your scope of self-care to get out of pain and start feeling better faster.
In this article, I"m referring specifically to passive static stretching, the most common and widely known form of stretching in which you are relaxed, holding a stretch for an extended period.
Stretching Isn"t Specific Enough
The muscle pain and tightness you feel is related to adhesions in your soft tissues, often called "knots" or "trigger points," and are painful in a good way when pressure is applied to them. These strands of muscle and fascia are bound together and restricted, limiting their blood supply, oxygen, and nutrients. Over time, these tissues become dehydrated and inflamed, which is why they feel tight, crunchy, and painful to the touch, while healthy tissue feels soft and bouncy.
A major limitation of stretching is that it only lengthens a muscle from either end; it doesn"t focus on the specific restriction points the pain is coming from. What you"re left with is a long, loose muscle that"s just as knotted up as it was prior to stretching. Imagine your headphones get all tangled up in your pocket: stretching and pulling them apart will only help to an extent; you have to actually untie each knot for them to be functional again.
Trigger point therapy and myofascial release work focus directly on the points of restriction. Applying pressure to precise areas releases restrictions and rehydrates the tissue, restoring the natural range of motion without having to stretch at all. Research shows that five minutes of sustained pressure can even have an anti-inflammatory effect. You can do this independently using a simple tool such as a tennis or lacrosse ball, locating a knot or trigger point, and applying deep, sustained pressure to the spot until the pain decreases. I"ve seen this be an absolute game-changer for people who have stretched for years without results."

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