What we get from forgiveness

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Quoted From: https://www.ameliajwilcoxphd.com/blog/2017/7/19/what-we-get-from-forgiveness

"Do you have a grudge, past hurt or an ax to grind? Consider the following.
Why are the words "I am sorry" for some, the three most difficult words in the English language? Today I am thinking about the role of forgiveness, and why forgiving can be equally as difficult, and every bit as important as apologizing. Here are some common questions about holding a grudge or past hurt.
Is forgiving telling someone what they did is okay with me? Forgiveness ideally comes when the person who has hurt you acknowledges the impact of their behavior and the pain they have caused you. It is not telling them what they did was okay and hoping for the best, rather it is an opportunity to acknowledge pain and reset expectations.
What happens if I need to let go of something when the person who has hurt me has not or cannot apologize? I walk through this process again and again in my practice. People carry the burden of anger and disappointment, often for years. They struggle with how to let go when people have gone from their livesthe deceased parent, the high school bully who somehow still holds power, the former spouse."

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