When to Seek Therapy?

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"When you feel like things in your life are unclear, stuck or hard most of the timeand you feel like you are just spinning your wheels.it may be the time to slow down and pause and reach out for support. Therapy is a different experience than talking with a trusted friend or family member; A therapist"s goal is to listen to you, and provide you a sense of reflection , so that you may better understand your own needs and feelings through a mutual exchange of safety.We may learn tools to identify the feelings that are keeping us stuck, or hurt in self -destructive patterns. Like a river, our feelings and thoughts are not set in stone. we can learn ways in which to not get stuck in the river. Reaching out is a sign of courage, The choice is always yours!! Change is up to you!Anxiety and depression often occur when there is a preoccupation with the past or fear about the future which can feel as if these feelings are impeding our work or life, then it may be time for therapy. Much of the work of therapy involves becoming more aware of the present moment and finding ways to return to it without avoidance. I think one of the challenges of being human is living in a world where things are not black and white. Therapy can help you become more comfortable living in a gray space where there is uncertainty, ambivalence, or inner conflict"

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