Which is better a Tarot or Intuitive Reading?

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"With readings it depends not only on what you are looking for, but who is going to deliver that message. Is Tarot better than Intuitive or vice versa? Eh.... It really depends upon the person you seek out.
Portland is a spiritual hub. I've met dozens of psychics and there are only a few I would pay money to see. Why? Every person in the world is psychic. Many are tuned into their ability, but few truly embrace it and TRUST it. So, it can be challenging to get an accurate, meaningful read, or comprehensive.
Some tarot readers depend upon the cards to be their windows in to the universe and their scope is limited to that window. So, it may be helpful, but you can walk away feeling you have even more questions. That is not the case with all tarot readers. My mother uses Tarot Cards, but she is also a Psychic Medium and is very powerful without the cards. She just prefers them in readings because they focus her view. For her its like using a telescope to narrow in on something specific. She's powerful alone and even more so with the cards.
With Intuitive readings its similar. Some people just go off of what they "feel" or what they "perceive" relative to you and what you are telling them. Its more of expanding their intuition, which we all use on a daily basis. They can give us some great information, but with some we feel like we walk away from the reading having been told a more detailed expression of what we already know. Leaving us with tid bits of new information, yet unsure of what to do with it. For myself and my intuitive psychic nature, I tune into your energy on the esoteric, not in this 3D state of human existence. I connect not only to you, but all the networks you are tied to. I can pick up on family members, friends, work, your house, your car. I can see blockages in your body where you repress emotions, the location of physical disease manifesting, and other energy blockages (including chakras). I can sense where you have left pieces of your soul due to trauma, heal those pieces and return them to you. I pick up on past life issues, etc, etc. All of which I offer healing energy that will enable you and your 3D human experience to shift however is most appropriate to you.
So, which is better, Tarot or Intuitive readings? The questions is, who is the best conduit of light, who is going to deliver the information in a way that will serve you most? That is the question you ought to ask."

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