Who taught you to be in a romantic relationship?

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"Did your parents sit down and teach you? Did you have a class in high school? Did your college have a bachelor"s degree in relationships? Did your first boss sit you down and say, "Let me tell you about marriage"?
Probably not.
You most likely learned how to be in a relationship by example by watching your parents, your siblings, your friends, television and movies.
What if you could take a class, of sorts, that was all about just you and your fianc? What if you could learn how to create a unified vision that will help strengthen your marriage past the day of saying, "I do"?
What if that class will help you, as a couple, identify and then learn to communicate your fears, your desires, your beliefs, your values, your dreams, your needs and better understand the baggage you are both dragging into your relationship?
What to expect:
Learn to strengthen your communication skills.
Define role expectations.
Learn skills for resolving conflicts.
Further explore each other"s needs, wants and desires."

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