Why Does Grief Come In Waves?

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Quoted From: https://www.chicorycounseling.com/blog/why-does-grief-come-in-waves

"Grief can be unpredictable because it comes in waves. It"s one of the most frustrating aspects of life after loss. One day you feel mildly okay, and the next you feel as if the loss has just happened all over again. In addition to being frustrating, it can also be exhausting.
In this blog post, I cover a few reasons for why grief comes in waves. I"ll talk about some of the common myths around grief processing as well and how you can better understand your own grief process. While the focus of this post is grief related to the loss of a person, the information shared here is applicable to other types of loss as well.
Loss is one experience that all people will experience in their lifetime and yet, in the United States we happen to live in a culture that struggles to acknowledge how grief affects people.
You"re Normal If Your Grief Comes In Waves
If your grief comes in waves, your experience is incredibly common and normal. Loss has a way of disrupting nearly every aspect of your life. It is beyond reasonable to expect that grief will ebb and flow as you navigate these changes. It is also normal to be frustrated by the fact that grief comes in waves. There is no obligation to be accepting of this fact, though you may find that your emotional response to these waves shift and change over time."

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