Why Spinal Cord Stimulation Might Be Right for You

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Do you have chronic back pain? Have you tried treatments after treatment, but nothing seems to provide relief? It could be time to explore spinal cord stimulati
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"If you have chronic pain, you know firsthand that it can take a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. Fortunately, innovative pain management solutions, such as spinal cord stimulation, can offer relief, even if you haven"t found effective therapies in the past.

Vladimir Fiks, MD, brings the latest and most effective treatments available to his patients at Advanced Pain Management Center in Portland, Oregon. If you have spine pain or a spinal condition, here"s how spinal cord stimulation might help.

Stopping pain before it starts
Spinal cord stimulation involves implanting a special device near your spinal cord to stop your pain.

Pain sensations occur because of a complex communication system hardwired within your nervous system. It starts when nerves called nociceptors detect tissue damage somewhere in your body. In response, they send urgent messages to your spinal cord and brain for processing. After receiving the information, your brain determines what to do with it, including the pain sensations you feel.

This entire process happens almost instantaneously, but it determines how your body feels all sorts of pain. It"s also what sets spinal cord stimulation apart as a pain management treatment. Instead of masking the symptoms, the treatment aims to change the pain signals going to your brain in the first place, which is a concept known as neuromodulation.

Spinal cord stimulation basics
Spinal cord stimulation disrupts this pain cycle by delivering low levels of electricity to the nerves that are sending the pain signals to your spine and brain. This gentle energy interferes with the communication, which, in turn, changes the sensations you feel. So, instead of feeling pain, you may feel tingling, fluttering, or nothing at all.

There are different spinal cord stimulation devices, but they all rely on three basic components: a battery to generate the electrical impulses, implantable electrodes to deliver the impulses to the affected nerves in your spine, and a remote control.

This system enables you to control the level of energy your device delivers, and you can turn it on and off as desired.

When to consider spinal cord stimulation
It"s important to note that spinal cord stimulation doesn"t cure the body. As mentioned earlier, it interrupts the signals, thus helping to reduce or eliminate the pain. While healing a particular problem is always the ideal solution, Dr. Fiks often recommends this therapy for pain conditions that don"t respond to other treatments. These conditions include the following:

Compressed nerves
Spinal stenosis
Degenerative disc disease
Complex regional pain syndrome
Peripheral neuropathy"

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