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Sleep, Stress, Movement, and Connection. Why these non-food nutrient lifestyle factors are essential for good health.
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"These non-food nutrients matter. Like a lot. Read on to find out why these are so important.


Sleep is the new sexy kid on the block, and for good reason. More and more research is coming out how it will impact almost every aspect of health. This is the body"s time to detox, repair, and restore.

The problem is in modern society, so many people aren"t sleeping well and we are sleeping less. This will directly impact weight control, brain function, hormone balance, and immune function. And most importantly, the shorter the sleep, the shorter the life span!

Bottom line you could have the perfect diet but if you aren"t sleeping, your health will suffer!

Brain Health
Quality sleep is directly related to the ability to learn new information, memory, problem-solving abilities, and creating neurotransmitters. During sleep, your brain cells actually shrink and allow toxic metabolites to be cleared.

Want to be smarter, sharper, faster? Sleep.

Tissue growth and healing
When we sleep, blood flow is directed to muscles and this increases our tissue repair. Not only that but quality sleep is associated with better muscle coordination but solidifying muscle recall. Sleep is when we produce human growth hormone (HgH), which regulates body composition, tissue repair, and metabolism.

Want to retain your lifting gains, heal injuries, and keep your metabolism revved? Sleep.

Strong Immune System Function
Sleep a lot more when you are sick? That is your body craving sleep knowing it is the time to boost the immune system and fight off infection. If you aren"t sleeping well, you aren"t able to detox, and repair is compromised. During sleep, your body increases some cytokines which help resolve inflammation and fights infections.

Want a rock star immune system that is resilient and ready? Sleep."

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