Why would Ashiatsu be the best deep tissue massage for you?

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Why would Ashiatsu be the best deep tissue massage for you? Ashiatsu is known to be an oh-so-deep kind of therapeutic massage. Ashiatsu is performed with the therapist's feet while using overhead bars to provide support and balance.
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"Ashiatsu is tremendously relaxing and an oh-so-deep kind of therapeutic massage. Literally a Japanese word meaning "foot pressure," Ashiatsu has grown dramatically in the West over the past 20 years since it"s introduction by Ruthie Hardee. This extremely deep tissue massage is performed with the therapist"s feet while using overhead bars to provide support and balance. The therapist will go very deep, using their feet to apply with long broad strokes.

Simply put, you get the benefits of a very deep tissue massage without the discomfort often associated with trigger point therapy. Deep strokes from elbows and hands, while effective, can hurt due to all the pressure that is focused on a small area. With Ashiatsu, your therapist uses their core strength while they adjust their weighted pressure using the bars to apply wonderfully deep, broad strokes.

What are the main benefits of Ashiatsu?
Ashiatsu- The Best Kind of Deep Tissue Massage

Because your therapist is using the weight of their body, with the assistance of the bars, they are able to give you the greatest benefits of deep tissue massage. Your therapist continually regulates the pressure of your massage using the overhead bars, while they are able to target many more angles of your muscles with this technique. This gravity-fueled approach enables Ashiatsu therapists to deliver up to 3x deeper pressure than with traditional hands-on treatments. With this incredible access to your musculature and fascia there are many added benefits!

Overall posture improves.
Ashiatsu strokes help elongate the spine by lengthening muscles that have become shortened and compressed. This aids in effective pain relief. Additionally, these long targeted strokes stimulate the lymphatic system which stimulates detoxification and circulation. Overall, we see a big improvement in posture and and range of movement. Drinking water after each treatment will help aid the process.

Pain relief.
Deep tissue massage has extensive benefits to most conditions that cause pain. Ashiatsu takes what regular deep massage does for pain to the next level. The increasing circulation that results frees up space for the nerves while pumping lots of oxygen through the blood stream assisting the treated area."

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