Women's Issues

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Quoted From: https://www.refresh-therapy.com/staff/alyssia-haymond/

"It takes courage to give yourself permission to seek help. It can get better and you are worthy of better. Bravo for taking this step!

I invite you to show up as you are, regardless of how "unworthy" or "damaged" you may feel. During our work together, I will advocate for self-compassion as a mechanism by which to improve the relationship you hold with yourself. I will sit with you in your pain and make space for your vulnerability. The healing process is not always easy. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, but you don"t have to do it alone. I"m here to support you through it.

I deeply value the relationships I build with my clients. It can be difficult to trust a new person and I will work to ensure that I am someone you feel safe with. It is a privilege for me to learn another person"s story and I try to never lose sight of that. As appropriate, I will utilize humor and authenticity in session for purposes of building our relationship together."

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