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Learn Anusara Yoga in a private one-on-one yoga class at Yoga Mojo & Movement Therapy in Vancouver, WA.
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"The practice of Anusara Yoga incorporates the Five Universal Principles of Alignment into each pose in a class:

1. Open to Grace: This is not an action, but rather an observation of how you are feeling and breathing right here, right now. There is no need to be critical or judgmental, just draw your senses inward and bring awareness to your body, mind and breath.

2. Muscular Energy: There are three components of Muscle Energy, each creating an activation of the muscles, drawing them inward toward the focal point of the pose.

3. Inner Spiral: A series of actions that align the body within the pose.

4. Outer Spiral: A series of complimentary and balancing alignment actions to Inner Spiral. Good alignment within each pose utilizes both Outer Spiral and Inner Spiral.

5. Organic Energy: The balancing and opposite action to Muscular Energy, also featuring three different components. Instead of drawing inward toward the focal point as Muscular Energy does, each of the three components of Organic Energy draws energy from the core of the body outward.

The actions of Inner and Outer Spiral compliment each other as does Muscular and Organic Energy. Inner and Outer Spiral are alignment cues, Muscular and Organic Energy are engagement cues. I also compare Muscular Energy to Sthira, or Strength, and Organic Energy to Sukha, or Ease. Similar to Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy, the two go hand in hand and both are required for balance within the body, mind and breath."

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