Your Guide To Portland Oregon Shiatsu Massage

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For those in Portland Oregon, shiatsu actually means "finger pressure." This massage works on acupressure points to alleviate muscle tension and tiredness.
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"Like many people in Portland Oregon, I believed that Shiatsu Massage was simply another massage type utilized by massage therapists. Most folks don"t appreciate the ancestral roots of Shiatsu massage, which trace back through Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Where Does Shiatsu Massage Come From?
Shiatsu massage originates from a mix of ancient herbal therapies as well as acupuncture. The Shiatsu Society reports that the Japanese fine-tuned these strategies throughout the years to establish the manual healing that is called shiatsu massage.

Finally, in the early 20th century, western anatomy was integrated into the discipline. The disciplines of physiology, chiropractic, and physical therapy were combined with a number of techniques that are now called shiatsu massage.

What is Shiatsu Massage?
Shiatsu actually means "finger pressure." This form of massage works on acupressure points to alleviate muscle tension and tiredness. These acupressure points are believed to run along the energy paths in the body called meridians.

By minimizing the pressure on these energy paths, the massage can help circulation and lymphatic function. Shiatsu is not simply a body treatment but works from a spiritual point of view to use a mind-body recovery alternative.

With all the spiritual belief systems allied with shiatsu massage, there are lots of approaches to this method. You might discover that you prefer one type of shiatsu over another for the various focus that each has.

Why Try Shiatsu Massage?
Individuals pick Shiatsu for lots of reasons. Among the main reasons is that a shiatsu professional will have a holistic approach to healthful vitality. In addition, shiatsu can be an essential part of stress and muscle tension management and holistic health care.

Many western massage and medical professionals choose to ascribe illness and injury to a particular part of the body. Using whole-body energy techniques with shiatsu indicates that the whole body is attended to. Focusing on the person as a whole, and not simply parts, can make a huge difference when it comes to prevention-centered care approaches."

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