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"Have you been experiencing chronic pain? Is your body holding on to old traumas? Are you looking for a way to dive deeply into healing? Take the next step and come heal with us on an Intensive Healing Journey. There is so much natural beauty in the surrounding area. Between treatments we invite you to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and absorb the healing energy of the Pacific Northwest. What to Expect
Over the course of five days, you will be cared for by our highly trained therapists. Each day you will receive 23 therapist hours of treatment from single and multiple therapists. Treatments will include a comprehensive evaluation, hands-on myofascial release therapy and a personalized self treatment program based on your individual needs.
Energy work and guided meditation will also be incorporated to deepen your awareness and provide you with more strategies to cope with life outside of treatment. Your treatment will include a four-therapist session over one hour. This unique experience will provides you with the opportunity to feel deeply into your physical and energetic bodies while getting the support you need.
Participating in an intensive program is a very personal experience. Finding the way back into your body and feeling into the traumas you have experienced is the foundation for true healing. This journey is not always easy, but our therapists are expertly trained to provide the support and guidance you need to navigate the path back to yourself.

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