Zama Massage Therapeutic Day Spa

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Voted Best of Portland for Top Spa, Best Facial & Best Massage! Our wide variety of spa therapies include salt caves, Hydrafacials, pedis & CBD services!
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"Deep healing and relaxation await you at Zama Massage Therapeutic Day Spa, an urban wellness getaway unlike any other. Prepare to be nurtured, invigorated, and inspired. We promise to heal and pamper you inside and out!Zama brings you the best spa care Portland has to offer. We received top awards in the Best of Portland Readers Poll for Top Spa, Best Massage and Best Facial. Zama is the #1 spa for Couples Services with the largest variety of couples spa treatments in Portland. Zama offers the only Halotherapy Salt Caves in Oregon, as well as Hydrafacial MD, Eminence Organic Facials, Therapeutic Foot Treatments and over ten different modalities of massage ranging from Sports to Swedish to Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.Looking for Allergy, asthma or stress relief? Zama houses the only therapeutic salt caves in Oregon. Salt Cave Therapy, or Halotherapy, is an ancient practice that harnesses the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt to promote healing. Stop a cold in its tracks with a Halotherapy session! The therapeutic inhalation of salt is made possible through the use of a halo-generator that disperses micro-sized salt particles into the air. Our Halotherapy rooms have a negative ion environment that reduces the symptoms of allergies and asthma, promotes relaxation, decreases stress and creates a general feeling of well-being."

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