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Vancouver, 98661

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I work from a framework of blending mental health with spirituality and energetics, drawing from a wide array of practices, belief systems and traditions to help people achieve sustainable growth and healing.

My practice has a primary focus on trauma. Not just the major trauma most of us think of when we hear the word "trauma," but the traumatic responses from "normal" life experiences. We interpret and file information from traumatic experiences in our bodies. If we are sensitive by nature, it's critical to know how to manage this information healthily. A considerable part of my practice is working with other empaths on learning how to understand and manage their sensitivities so that they can claim their empathic gifts. I offer shamanic healing through soul retrievals and shamanic journeying in conjunction with counseling.

I also work in collaboration with my husband Conan with other couples, known together as Counsel Grove. We use a combination of joint and individual sessions to get to the heart of the issues. We foster mutual accountability and create a realistic plan using concrete strategies to move toward a more fulfilling, authentic, and intimate connection. Ensuring each partner has direct support from one of us guarantees individual feelings are heard and that both partners feel confident they are doing their part to promote healing in the relationship.

License#: WA: LW 60869735
My Practice Started in: 2017
I am here to walk with you.

We're not meant to travel through this life alone. On my life's journey, I've needed people to walk with me. And I believe everyone does at some point. We need the gifts, tools, support, and perspectives of others. It's part of our greater connection as humans. It's how we grow, evolve, and heal.

Sometimes we may need to be reminded that we are worthy of being seen, held, and loved for who we are and where we are, no matter how it looks. Sometimes, we need to dive deeper into ourselves our meaning, purpose, beliefs, barriers, traumas, and gifts. Combining the spiritual and energetic with traditional therapy offers us more avenues to do so in an empowering and transformative way.

My goal is to help you accept and love every part of who you are as you become your authentic Self.