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Maybe you have a trauma that you have to work through. Trauma can be defined as "too much, too fast, too soon." If you have past trauma, We can work together to integrate those feelings and help you get back to a functional life. You might need someone to work with you to process this trauma to help you move through and past these hard events in your life. I can help you in many ways to help you look at these events in a safe way over time and carefully to help you regain peace and calm.

Religious/Spiritual Abuse and Trauma

Maybe you grew up in a less than supportive spiritual environment, maybe you are still there, showing up every week with questions you want to work out. You might have been a part of the purity culture movement of the 1990-2000"s. Maybe you developed feelings of shame as a result. We live in one of the most church-saturated areas, and you might need someone who "speaks the language." Leaders in unhealthy spiritual environments can abuse power to control to manipulate their members, often with messages full of gaslighting. Perhaps you are a member of the LGBTQ community and never found your home within the church at all. Maybe you have left a church or a group that has hurt you deeply and you need a place to process your experiences. We can work together to find out your core beliefs and work towards healing.

Sexual Abuse and Trauma

With the #metoo movement, many of us have been flooded with messages that have brought up old wounds and memories. I can help provide a safe space to start to unpack some of these stories and move towards a new and improved narrative of peace and healing. I believe you.

Psychedelic Experience Integration*

For those who are utilizing psychedelic medicine through legal means, I offer talk therapy integration work. I will work with you to process and integrate your experience into your life. I"ve received specific training to assist clients along their journey towards healing in this area of their lives. This is especially directed towards clients utilizing ketamine for PTSD or major depressive issues.

*I do not condone or provide information for illegal drug use.
License#: CG61142930
My Practice Started in: 2021
My style is a mix of several points of view.

First, I believe that our relationship is the most important factor.
We build a relationship based on mutual trust to do great work together as a team. This may take a little time.

Second, I believe that always sitting far apart in a forced distance from a client isn"t ideal. I love to kick off my shoes, get comfortable and connect about what is going on in your world. This often involves removing the formality of an office-like environment. We might sit on the floor to get grounded. If you are experiencing something particularly hard and need a hand to hold, you are not alone.

I believe there is a significant difference between "all are welcome here" & "this was created with you in mind." I believe therapy is like this. We will work together to find what works best for you, and make it your space.

I believe in helping you be seen, not just viewed.

If you"re looking for someone who is incredibly formal, I"m probably not your gal. I"m someone who likes to kick off her shoes and put her feet up on the sofa. We might sit on the floor. I don"t own heels. But I AM serious about building trust and relationships and feel THOSE things are the cornerstones to finding what works best for you in your own journey. I will move at your pace, listen to your cues, and put in the work with you.

I will hear you, I will believe you, and I will be with you as you move through your process.