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Life often requires multi-tasking and keeping up with the fast pace. For many of us, it is hard to stop and find the time to attend to the soul. Inevitably, the soul demands attention, and periods of confusion, crisis, illness, or life transition can transform into opportunities for depth work. Anger, stress, illness, anxiety, and depression do not exist in a vacuum and involve a complex interplay of personal, familial, and cultural dynamics.

I draw from various perspectives from logical ways of looking at the human body and financial health to drawing inspiration from nature, literature, philosophy, art, movement, and symbolic guidance of your dreams and life patterns. I am deeply committed to socially conscious approaches of multiculturalism, gender studies, and feminist theory.

License#: LH61237218
My Practice Started in: 2021
I grew up in Russia, with my childhood coinciding with the tumultuous times of the Soviet Union's fall. Thus, I watched how economic and political turbulence forced people to quickly and drastically re-negotiate their values, relationships, and careers. It was a scary and challenging time, where jobs, friendships, and savings vanished in a quick instance. There was no longer a "tried and true" life prescription that outlined predetermined steps to success, and people had to think quickly on their feet.

Watching the stories of failure, success, and human resilience inspired me to become a witness, companion, and cheerleader on your unique hero's or heroine's journey. While working together, we'll learn to find the calm between breaths, clear the space for what is essential, and polish the mirror that reflects your wisdom and life's direction. Together, we'll examine, rebel, grieve, play, harness, and give meaning to the full spectrum of life's experiences. I respect your courage to embark on this challenging and gratifying path.

During the pandemic, all of my services are provided exclusively through Telehealth.