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Erica J. Sawyer

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1404 NE 134th St., Suite 180-B
Vancouver, WA 98685

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I am located in Salmon Creek, right off I-5 and I-205.
License#: LH 60778357
My Practice Started in: 2017
As a Counselor and Art Therapist, I work with Highly Sensitive women and men seeking strategies to manage the overwhelm and anxiety that often accompanies life as an HSP. Would you like to feel more empowered and clear about how to live in alignment with your needs and values? Are you willing to go within and do deep inner work, if you feel safe enough to, knowing it will help you on your path?

I use a combination of traditional talk therapies and art therapy in my practice. Some clients choose not to engage the creative process, while others are open to incorporating art therapy into part or all of their session. This is determined by client interest first and foremost.

Having always been drawn to the creative and performing arts, I am deeply aware of the transformative and healing power that creativity brings to the human experience. I believe we all have the capacity to tap into our Creative Selves to access our own inner wisdom in profound ways. Art Therapy provides an avenue for self-expression, and can often serve as a bridge in communication... externalizing our inner experience... and bringing insights that words alone may not.

For the fastest response, please email me at to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation, so together we can determine if I am the best fit for you.
Restrooms are ADA accessible.