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(360) 964-3060
1306 Main St.
Vancouver, 98660

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I have been a board-certified OB-GYN for 20 years. I stopped delivering babies 6 years ago in order to focus on gynecology and women's health. I have studied functional medicine and I believe a combined approach of Western medicine and natural medicine offers my patients the best outcomes. I also perform surgery (laparoscopies, hysterectomies) and I am credentialed at both Legacy and Peace Health. I am in the process of hiring a women's health nurse practitioner.
License#: WA MD41848
My Practice Started in: 2018
I grew-up in Virginia and a long circuitous path led me to Vancouver, where I have been in practice since 2003. I am a single mom to a strong-willed teenage daughter, as well as a petmom to a a beautiful longhaired cat and a quirky miniature pinscher. I am a big believer that physical activity is good for the body and soul, and I de-stress with yoga and running. And jigsaw puzzles and baking cookies.
We are ADA compliant but currently just have one bathroom and one exam room. We are moving to a much larger and nicer space in May 2021, also in downtown Vancouver.