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Heather Jolma-Fray, she/her

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(360) 448-1503

Vancouver, WA, OR 98629

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All ages and abilities are welcomed. I offer virtual group classes, and individually tailored private virtual sessions. Group classes range from the most gentle for absolute beginners, to less cued, more vigorous classes that work well if you've practiced yoga before. You might follow along with each cue I offer; you might instead rest on your back and focus on your breath all class. Neither is better or worse. Group classes are more general in their nature; individual sessions are planned in advance to meet you where you are. Benefits of yoga include ability to focus, stress relief, self compassion, befriending the body, becoming part of a community, increasing physical and mental flexibility, strength and resilience.
My Practice Started in: 2014
I am a trained yoga teacher, informed in trauma sensitive techniques. I have been leading an array of yoga classes and 1 on 1 sessions for 17 years. I am qualified to facilitate yoga inspired practices and techniques that help direct calm attention, increase friendly awareness of the body, and welcome a healing relationship with the breath.
all offerings are presently virtual