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(360) 209-3398
1607 Officers Row
Vancouver, WA 98661

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Marnee Alfson is an EMDR trained trauma specialist in private practice in Vancouver, She has worked with survivors of various traumas such as sexual and/or domestic assault, displacement, first responders, attachment in relationships, body image, life transitions and mood management. Marnee's desire is to help the whole being heal from whatever trauma it may have encountered.

License#: LH61095262
My Practice Started in: 2018

Marnee has lived in the PNW her whole life sans a few years while her husband was active duty. She enjoys being outside in nature no matter the weather. Her deepest desire is to live life connected and well with the people around her.
River Bend Counseling is located in the historic Fort Vancouver/Officers Row area of downtown Vancouver. Marnee's office is located on the first floor of a suite of offices. There is no public bathroom at this location. The waiting room is quiet and inviting.