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Kathy S. Soverow
M.S., M.Ed., Ph.D.

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(818) 581-5869
I'm a Telehealth Integrative Practitioner with a focus on cognitive behavioral counseling / coaching
Vancouver, Washington 98629

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I've practiced as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist for over three decades. I transitioned to Coaching Psychology and became a Certified Integrative Wellness Coach in 2018. I have a Ph.D. in the areas of MindBody Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. My research is in the area of chronic illnesses, with an emphasis on reversing prediabetes..
My Practice Started in: 2000
Kathy has an M.S. degree in Audiology, M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology, is a former doctoral student in Neuropsychology, and recently earned her Ph.D. in MindBody / Lifestyle Medicine with specialties in integrative and functional nutrition (whole food, plant-based nutrition) integrative wellness coaching, and positive psychology. Working in private practice, Shape Your Life, Kathy walks her talk. She collaborates with individuals, groups, and companies in guiding them through everyday challenges by facilitating ways to find solutions that are clear, actionable, consistent, and sustainable. She"s a leading expert in facilitating innovative and practical ways for individuals to wholly integrate the essential puzzle pieces that bring purpose and meaning to who they are and what they do. Emphasis on integrative health, wellness, and overall wellbeing not only generates balance within those with whom she works but within her own life as a clinician, researcher, write, author, former film and television writer / producer, former founding editor-in-chief of MOXIE magazine (Weider Publications, Inc.), former Executive Director of Destination Programming for SHAPE magazine, guest expert for television, entrepreneur, corporate consultant, and competitive athlete. Linking her professional with her personal life as a marathoner, hiker, mountaineer, kayaker, and triathlete including Hawaii"s Ironman Triathlon World Championship she fully embraces Plato"s prescient words, "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."
In my work as a Telehealth Integrative Practitioner, my primary office is