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Sometimes it feels hard to describe the intensity of our shared and individual experiences since the onset of the pandemic. Almost two years in and the accumulation of stress and trauma from facing unrelenting work loads, insufficient tools, and a society in conflict, is starting to wear on even the toughest of those among us. Perhaps you are finding yourself experiencing feelings of anger, hopelessness, grief, or even feeling numb. You may be noticing you are arguing more or distancing yourself from the people you care about. And in your attempts to soothe yourself you may be engaging in activities that aren't helping in the long run like drinking, overeating, and other high impulse, high risk behaviors. These are all signs that the toll of your experiences are becoming too much to hold alone. Seeking therapy can help you process and release some of the weight of these experiences and teach you skills to assimilate the rest in a way that reengages your personal strength and abilities. Over the past 12 years, I've worked with children and adults experiencing the effects of trauma, ongoing mental health symptoms, and family conflict. I opened this practice to start reaching members of our community under-served during the pandemic, with a commitment of at least 10 "spots" for frontline workers. My strength as a therapist is providing clients with an emotional and mental space that allows them to be both vulnerable and empowered to create change. I draw from a person-centered approach coupled with CBT and attachment work to provide clients with both the feeling of their own value and the opportunity to learn and use new skills. At this time I am offering both in person and telehealth appointment options. Scheduling can be done through the client portal at for appointments scheduled between 9am to 2pm. I can also be reached directly at (360)906-5878 to discuss available appointment times to be scheduled after 2pm.
License#: LW61206794
My Practice Started in: 2021
After living most of my life in Portland, I crossed the bridge to Vancouver in the early aughts to complete my BS in Psychology. Through my education I connected with local non profits providing services to families as well as children and adults with disabilities. I graduated in 2009 with my MSW from Walla Walla University. I started my career at a community mental health clinic treating children and families. After a brief hiatus to see my twins through their first year, I began working for a local non profit counseling parents/caregivers, children, and families involved with child welfare. Those eight years provided a plethora of experience working with individuals and families during what would likely be one of the most vulnerable and challenging times of their lives. Following a break from practicing due to responsibilities at home during the pandemic, I have now opened a private practice to start supporting those in our community that have been unable to access services due to the shortage in provider availability.
The building is ADA accessible with an elevator that opens in front of my office door.