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Learn more about combined therapy in Eugene, OR, using CPAP systems and custom sleep appliances to treat sleep apnea sufferers who are patients of Better Sleep Eugene.
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Better Comfort: One of the biggest concerns of the CPAP machine is just how uncomfortable it can be to use, even though it"s necessary for some patients. Combined therapy means we can use an oral appliance to supplement CPAP machines and allow patients to only cover their nose with their machine"s mask, rather than their entire face. The machine"s settings can also be turned down, reducing noise and discomfort along the way.
Improved Compliance: Overall, people are far more likely to use combined therapy compared to CPAP machines alone because it feels better and is easier to use. This means a person"s sleep apnea is kept under control every night and they can get the rest they need to feel ready for the day.
Increased Effectiveness: According to a study conducted by the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, combined therapy was proven to be more effective at preventing apnea events (or interruptions in breathing) compared to CPAP therapy. For example, participants who experienced six apnea events per hour saw them reduce to just four events per hour when using a CPAP. This was further reduced to two events per hour when using combined therapy.
Portability: CPAP machines can be difficult to travel with, but combined therapy allows patients to bring their oral appliance with them wherever they go. This way, they always have the option when they need to travel for work or on vacation and still get the rest they need."

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