Brain Wave Biofeedback

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"LENS stands for low energy neurofeedback system and it is FDA approved for relaxation and self-regulation.
The LENS is a form of brain wave biofeedback which helps the brain alter maladaptive brain wave patterns and restore them to a more effective, efficient state. When our brain waves are working most efficiently, we are focused and alert when we are awake, sleep well and our mood is well regulated.
While the LENS does not target a specific symptom, when our brain waves are functioning as they are meant to do, other changes begin to happen. The LENS has helped children and adults in the following areas: Cognition (problems with memory, sequencing, concentration, and clarity), mood (anger, depression, anxiety, explosiveness), motor (balance, eye-hand coordination, muscle tone, tremor), motivation (initiating and completing tasks), anxiety (restlessness, rumination, agitation, and sleep disturbance, reactivity (hypersensitivity of the senses and chemical sensitivities), brain-generated and vascular pain, addictions/dependencies, fatigue, and performance optimization."

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