Breathwork Is Ancient Knowledge

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"Breathwork is an umbrella term relating to the science of our breath awareness and the modulation of it. Breathwork is ancient knowledge that is now scientifically proven to support many aspects of physical and emotional health including lung function, brain function and stress reduction. Breathwork modulation has long been used by Navy SEALs, professional athletes, musicians, women when giving birth, CEOs and other individuals when peak performance matters. Monks are taught on the first day of their education not the abc"s but how to control the breath. When you have control of your breath you have control of the mind. You can increase or decrease your body temperature, energy level, heart beat, blood flow, thought process, stop a panic attack, lower overall stress and anxiety, and create better sleep quality all with the breath. We know that stress is linked to heart and autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, just to name a few. You can release emotion, as trapped energy, that has become lodged in your body- causing aches and pains that have been causing you dis-ease. When we don"t tend to our breath we suffer unnecessarily.
The transformational breathwork detox will allow you to release subconscious blocks, as you gain the clarity needed to reprogram past traumas that might surface. You will notice how your participation improves your sleep and digestion, as your body gets deeply oxygenated and blood is alkalized, allowing your dopamine and serotonin receptors to become activated. You will begin to create new neural pathways, allowing you to reprogram your brain, and enjoy life more fully. Our lungs are responsible for the majority of our bodies ability to detox making this breathing modality an incredibly detoxifying experience for the physical, emotional and energetic body."

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