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"Are your considering EMDR Therapy?

You may be asking yourself one of the following questions:

Can my illness get better by treating it emotionally?
How can Somatic Mental Health Counseling help me?
Does EMDR really help with Chronic Pain and Illness?
You are not alone in asking these questions. Hopefully, I can help briefly explain the importance of these therapies and how they help with chronic pain and illness.

The Mind-Body Connection and EMDR

As we know, the mind and body are completely connected and interrelated.

A few common emotional symptoms of chronic pain and illness:

Anxiety, fear, or negative feelings about experiences with doctors, or lack of support from family or friends.
Difficulty managing uncertainty about the future
Anger about all of it
Impact of illness on relationships
Stress from coping with daily pain
EMDR and Somatic Counseling works to heal the mind-body connection. This work will help your body better face a challenge or cope with pain.

EMDR and Somatic Counseling

Counseling is not going to take away all of your physical pain or cure your illness.

It helps you realize your strength, practice tools to not let anxiety and depression make your physical pain worse, learn more about your body so that YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR EMOTIONS.

Sometimes people with chronic illness have experienced trauma in their past or in the present related to their diagnosis or otherwise.

EMDR is effective at releasing the disturbance of those experiences and memories."

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