Concussion Management in Portland, Oregon off Ankeny Street

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Naturopathic or Functional Medicine offers a more thorough investigation into the root cause of dysfunction in the body.

Patients seek our guidance when other treatments have failed and when no one else has figured out what is wrong because all their labs are 'normal'. Our patients find help here, because our appointments aren't rushed, we spend more time hearing their stories, investigating how their past and present environment is contributing to their health state, and implementing safe, effective, and scientifically-backed therapies to get them better quickly.

Many of our patients are already in a good state of health, and seek our guidance to make sure they at the top of their game in regards to their mental and physical performance. We help all of our patients feel their fullest health potential now, as well as prevent dysfunction and disease from arising.

Thorough History.
Our appointments are never rushed. Our medical team schedules enough time for each appointment to get a comprehensive history, to hear your story and concerns, and make you feel welcome in our medical family.

Advanced Diagnostics.
We utilize both conventional and specialty labs to assess nutrient, hormonal, inflammatory, and metabolic imbalances contributing to your health issues, or otherwise inhibitors you from reaching your full mental and physical health potential.

Individualized Treatment.
You are unique. Even if you have the same disease as someone else, doesn't always mean the treatments should be the same. Our thorough history and more comprehensive diagnostic methods allow us to tailor treatment to you. This increases the efficacy of treatment, so you get results faster.

Innovative Therapies.
Our medical team reads the latest medical research on a daily basis. In addition to tried-and-true treatments, part of our mission is to always offer state-of-the-art therapies."

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