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Benefits Of EMDR Therapy

A form of therapy that provides quicker relief than other previously applied counseling methods

Helps one heal by removing emotional blocks

The 8 Phases Of EMDR Therapy

Phase 1: History taking (assessment of readiness).

Phase 2: Incorporates learning and practicing of distress tolerance skills (coping skills) to control intense emotions that are coming up in and outside of session while receiving EMDR therapy.

Phases 3-6: Includes the following components: identifying the target(s) for processing, describing a visual image that represents the specific event, stating a negative believe connected to the event, identifying related emotions and body sensations, finding a positive thought to connect with the event and rating the current emotions plus feelings of truth of the positive thought. The goal of phases 3-6 is to decrease the intense negative emotions and body sensations through bilateral stimulations while holding the image and target in mind plus installing the positive thought.

A psychotherapy and counseling model that allows people to heal from the emotional distress and symptoms as a result of an upsetting or traumatic life experience.
Quoted From: https://www.jocelynfitzgerald.com/emdr

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