Naturopathic Medicine Vancouver

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Naturopathic medicine is an approach to healthcare that encourages self healing by removing obstacles to cure and facilitate the body"s ability to recover. It focuses on identifying the underlying cause of illness and addresses an individual on an emotional, physical, and mental level. Naturopathic doctors use a combination of herbal medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, therapeutic nutrition, counseling, and physical medicine combined with allopathic therapies to allow for integrative care.

Naturopathic medicine combines traditional healing methods with modern day science. Naturopathic doctors emphasize disease prevention, treatment, and promote optimal health. By working cohesively with clients, genetic, environmental, and social factors are addressed, in addition to physical concerns in order to create personalized treatments.

Services offered:

Herbal Medicine
IV Therapy Hydrotherapy
Nutrient Therapy
Lifestyle Counseling
Craniosacral Therapy
Dietary Counseling
Exercise Planning

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