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Quoted From: https://www.nwanxiety.com/ocd.html

"Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is anxiety at its most intrusive. You may struggle with keeping unwanted or disturbing thoughts or images out of your head. You may feel forced to perform repetitive routines (like checking, counting or repeating phrases) in order to feel "just right" or maybe to keep something bad from happening to you or your loved ones. You become a prisoner of your own mind.
One in 100 children suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As the parent of a child with OCD, you may feel helpless, confused, and alarmed by your child"s behavior. You may notice that your child does the following:
Gets upset when routines, such as bedtime, are changed
Wants you to say an exact phrase back to them, such as "I love you"
Starts over when interrupted while doing a task
Performs movements that look like tics, but are done on purpose (like blowing air into their hands)
Performs a series of body movements that are nonsensical and can be controlled (like shoulder shrugs)
Must do a task a certain number of times or length of time
Avoids particular numbers (like evens or odds, certain times on a clock, etc.)
Engages in repetitive reassurance-seeking behaviors (asking questions such as, "Will everything be ok?""

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