Spirit Path Medicines~Shamanic Practices

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Willow Rose LPC, CHT at SpiritWell is a Professional Counselor specializing in therapy, Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy in Eugene, Springfield Oregon (OR) and More!
Quoted From: https://www.spirit-well.com/spirit-path-medicines.htm

"In many indigenous cultures and traditions, everything that exists is seen to be alive, aware and has the ability to communicate. An energetic web connects all life and spirit lives in all things. Humans, animals, plants, stones, mountains, and the elements, Earth, the Stars: each is Spirit. Everything is Sacred. Since all is interconnected, respectful relationship is essential for the health of the community and the individual. Each facet has its own thread in this web of life and light. Humans are seen as part of nature"s tapestry, not separate or superior to it.This ancient paradigm is analogous to the Quantum view of energy and light. Nothing is separate and any action affects the whole. Time and space are relative, subjective and our "consensual" reality is but one of infinite possibilities.These spiritual paths are thousands of years old, and if we traced our ancestral lineage far enough, we would find that we each emerged from a culture holding a shamanic heritage. Studying the wisdom of our own ancestors as well as honoring the teachings of other indigenous cultures creates the groundwork for respectful and empowering healing for the whole."

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