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We offer various methods of treatment for the body and mind during your recovery, including mental health and medical services.
Quoted From: https://bridgewayrecovery.com/outpatient-treatment-services/

"The symptoms and impacts of addiction come in all shapes and sizes, but each can leave devastating effects. At Bridgeway, we won"t dwell on your past; what we"re more interested in is helping you build a better future. We"ll help you shed the burdens of addiction by setting achievable goals and providing ongoing support as you encounter life"s daily pressures.Healing for the Mind and Body
Our services for recovery include individual counseling and educational skills groups that encourage and nurture rehabilitation. And because we believe integrated health care is key to ongoing recovery, we also offer mental health and medical services for treating trauma, depression, anxiety, and physical conditions that might be holding you back.n Individual Approach
Each plan of care is customized towards individual needs, and focuses on what will help you meet the goals you have set for yourself. We"ll design a plan of care that meets your needs and works around your current commitments and we"ll connect you with community supports for your continued recovery after leaving treatment. Friend in Your Corner
Bridgeway"s care ensures that all individuals and their families are treated with dignity, compassion and encouragement. Along with our certified counseling and medical staff, individuals will receive personal support from mentors, who themselves are experiencing a life free from addiction."

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